The Moment(2014-2017)

mixed media


The Distortion Field 전시 / collaborated with Sunghun Kim
2014.2.7 – 2014.2.14


* 공식 사이트 :
* Creative Applications 전시 보도 :


<The Moment> 는 높은 곳에서 한순간 그 최대의 빛을 발하며 질주해 내려와 산산조각나버리는 빛에 관한 이야기다.
이 빛은 시각적 환영이 아니라 물리적으로 움직이는 빛이다.
천개가 넘는 전구들은 서서히 빛을 발하며 천장까지 올려져 일순간 공간을 가로지르며 떨어져 전시장 맞은 편의 벽에 부딪쳐 산산히 부서지고 만다.
전시 중 그 형태가 계속 변화하는 작품과 함께 관람객은 빛나는 순간의 생과 멸을 함께 호흡할 수 있다.


The moment is a large-scale kinetic installation comprised of a 5 m tall mechanical power, wire rope, and over hundreds of clear incandescent light bulbs. This work is inspired by the Buddhist doctrine of momentariness, which the absolute nature of our universe is a pulsating expression of vivid energy flashing into existence.

A block and tackle pulley system carries the light bulbs to the towers highest point. Once the light bulbs reach this point, they shine at full brightness and begin to ride the wire rope downwards, falling across the room. At the end of their journey, each light bulb shatters against a wall. The fragments of broken light bulbs scatter across the floor creating a generative pattern of broken glass below the wire rope. This moment of explosion produces a complete spatiotemporal event of pure energy and kinetic motion. The entire installation exudes a powerful atmosphere of physical movement with kinetic energy rather than visual illusion.

Experiencing the light falling from the topmost point of the tower and colliding with the wall immerses the audience in the experience of creation and demise; birth to death; beginnings to endings. The spatial experience is maximized when the audience is situated parallel to the experience. This gives them the opportunity to embark on a very personal voyage of discovery. Moreover the moment incites the audience to expand their interpretation of light and perceived imagination of time and space. Humming sound of the mechanics and the frictional sound of light sliding across the wire rope fills the room. The light and sound melded into a single immersive and multi-sensory experience that calls to mind the impermanence of existence.